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You may require plumbing services for drain cleaning, sewer line repair, garbage disposals, or clogged toilet cleaning. For example, if your kitchen sink or the toilet gets clogged, it’s going to hamper your daily routine tasks. Imagine spending hours trying to unclog a sink!

What to look for when hiring a Plumber in Albury / Wodonga

Being a home owner, you shouldn’t take the decision of hiring a plumber lightly. Plumbers are responsible for repairing the toilet, the water heater, the faucet, and some other important parts of your house. If you don’t hire a high-quality plumber who has experience, you might have to face costly repairs in the future.

  • Licensure- One must have a license or a registration to legally work as a plumber in Albury. This is in accordance with the rules and regulations posed by the Australian Government. A licensed plumber has higher standards of knowledge and more experience than a non-licensed one.
  • Insurance- Looking out for an insured plumber would be a better course of action than the opposite. This is because in case of an accident or an injury, insurance will protect the plumber as well as you.
  • Experience- It’s a good sign if a company has been in the plumbing industry for several years. This might point to a proven track record of the company for quality work. You should hire a plumber whose years of experience have made him or her more level-headed than an inexperienced one. A trained plumber in Albury should have done a plumbing apprenticeship. Only a plumber with hands-on experience can be.
  • References- You can accurately gauge the quality of a plumber’s work only by talking to the plumber’s past customers. When you hire a licensed plumber, ask him or her for references. If he or she is experienced, the plumber will refer you to previous customers.

What services do plumbers offer in Wodonga?

According to the 2016 Census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Albury has a total of 23,369 private dwellings. 88.7% of these dwellings are occupied, while 2,489 remain unoccupied. 

drain cleaning

Your toilet or sink drain may get blocked easily. But if you don’t fix this soon, it may cause the water to overflow,

Sewer Line Repair

The foul odours from sewer line damages can keep you up at night and may be harmful to your health.

Waste disposal

If you want to dispose of your waste in an environment-friendly way, you’ll need our garbage disposal plumbing system.

Sump pump

You can’t avoid natural disasters like floods, but you can be prepared for anything. When there’s a flood,

Albury City

The major regional city of Albury became a city in 1946. Located on the northern side of the Murray River in New South Wales, Australia, Albury is 554 kilometres from Sydney. Named after a village in England, Albury City houses a population of over 52,000 people as of 2019.

The city experiences a warm, temperate climate, with average maximum temperatures of 22.1°C, while 8.7°C is the mean low temperature. Albury has a number of suburbs, including North Albury, East Albury, and Thurgoona, with Lavington being the largest among them. The Albury railway station is a heritage-listed one, while New South Wales’ second busiest regional airport is Albury Airport.

Retail banking operator Hume Bank, a bank owned by customers, is headquartered in Albury. The city’s World War I Memorial is located on Monument Hill, and Albury City itself is situated in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.

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A city in the local government area of Wodonga Council, Wodonga is located in the region of Northeast Victoria, Australia. It is 300 kilometers to the north-east of Melbourne, while Sydney is 557.7 kilometres away from Wodonga.It is a paradisematic country, in which


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Jhone Smith

My neighbour recommended me to call Albury Plumbers when I found that my kitchen sink was clogged. I hesitated at first, as I wasn’t sure whether their service would be good enough.

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Russel Hall

There was a funky smell in our house. My wife and I figured it could be coming from the sewer pipes. We contacted Albury Plumbers right away, and they said our guess had been correct.

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Susan Bishop

Albury Plumbers are really a pleasure to work with, sometimes in trying conditions. We had no idea what to do when our hot water system broke, so we called up Albury Plumbers.

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Jhone Smith

A big thank you to Albury Plumbers for being there for us whenever we needed them! Their immediate response, timely project delivery, high-quality work,

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