Gutters are not the only parts of your house that need looking after. You should start thinking about your downpipes as well.

A downpipe or downspout directs rainwater away from your home, keeping it safe from any kind of water damage. When it rains, the water collects in the gutter and flows through the downpipe into the drainage system.

However, debris like twigs and leaves may easily accumulate in the downpipes, thereby blocking them. So you can imagine what danger that entails.

If your downpipe is blocked, the rainwater can’t pass through it into the drainage system. What happens next is that the gutters are filled with overflowing water, leading to your roof getting damaged. This may also cause your gutters to rust, leak internally, or even fall down in extreme cases.

Signs your downpipes need to be repaired or replacing

When we’re talking about downpipes , look out for these signs:-

  • Loose downpipes

    One of the clips might have lost a connecting bolt if a plastic downpipe is loose. Or it might be that the wall plugs have loosened. We at Albury Plumbers can easily remove and replace downpipes if the wooden plugs are loose.

  • Broken downpipe brackets

    The brackets which attach downpipes to your house might break due to their age or as a result of being exposed to UV rays too much.

  • Downpipe isn’t connected to gutter

    You might notice the downpipe isn’t secured to the outlet properly, or there aren’t enough brackets to support the downpipes. When you do, it’s time to repair your downpipes.

  • Rusted steel downpipes

    If the material used to manufacture the downpipes has aged, then the downpipes should be replaced. You also need to replace them when a galvanized steel downpipe is fitted to a copper gutter.

  • Holes in downpipes

    It’s easy to repair small holes in downpipes. You can temporarily use duct tape to cover up the hole. But when the downpipe has a large hole, it needs to be replaced.

  • Blocked downpipes

    People having trees near their houses don’t find blocked downspouts uncommon. Leaves, twigs, and other types of debris can easily collect inside the downpipes and block them. In that case, your downpipe needs to be cleaned out.

  • Moss on downpipes

    If you see that moss or lichen have accumulated on your downpipes, it means they need to be cleaned thoroughly. You can also make it a routine thing to have your downpipes cleaned regularly.

As soon as you notice any of these signs for downpipe repair, let us know. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Albury or Wodonga. We at Albury Plumbers are always at your service!

To prevent this, we at Albury Plumbers recommend cleaning your downpipes at least once or twice a year. The brackets attaching the downpipes to your residential or commercial building should also be cleaned.

Albury Plumbers Downpipe Repair Services

Our downpipe repair services include:

  • Installing new downpipes
  • Repairing downpipes
  • Replacing downpipes
  • Cleaning downspouts
  • Check the downpipes for leaks or rust
  • Unclog downpipes
  • Advise you professionally as to what needs to be done

Give Us a Call

If you want to clean, repair, or replace your downpipes by yourself, you’d have to climb a ladder to determine the problem. Besides, you’d need to buy a lot of expensive tools and learn how to use each of them.

Instead of exerting your energy and risking injury to yourself, why don’t you lay back and let us handle the work? Albury Plumbers are all professional experts in repairing and replacing downpipes.

Get a free quote or a free on-site inspection by calling us up. We’ll be there to help you solve your downpipe issues right away.

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