Oh, no! Tomorrow is Christmas, there will be so many guests, and your gutter is leaking.

There’s a Thanksgiving dinner tonight, but what do you do about your overflowing toilet?

Just take a deep breath. Call Albury Plumbers for emergency plumbing services in Albury or Wodonga. And relax.

No matter what the emergency situation may be, our expert and licensed team can tackle your plumbing emergency with ease. Just let us take care of all your plumbing needs while you loosen up.

What is Emergency Plumbing?

When you face plumbing issues like broken pipes or leaking toilets, it’s better to call an expert plumber soon. Doing so not only reduces the risks that such plumbing issues would pose to the safety of your home. It also minimises your plumbing costs.

Sometimes, the plumbing problems are such dangerous ones, that you can’t help but call over a plumber immediately. This might happen when you detect a gas leak. This is called emergency plumbing.

Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

No one can predict when disaster will strike. It can occur anytime, any day. That’s why we at Albury Plumbers are available 24/7 to give you the help you need during emergencies.

emergency plumbing situations:

Sewer line problems

  • Sewer line blockages- There may be tree roots, leaves, grease buildup, and other foreign objects clogging the sewer pipes. This leads to improper water flow through these pipes, and at times, overflowing of water.
  • Bellied pipes- Soil conditions have led a part of the sewer pipe to sink, or get bellied. Different types of debris may easily collect in this bellied part.
  • Broken pipes- Your pipes have broken, collapsed, cracked, or got punctured, due to which, water can’t flow into the drainage system the way it should.
  • Leaking pipes- Your pipes are leaking, as the seals between your sewer pipes have broken. This allows the water to seep into the ground surrounding the pipes.

Toilet leaks

  • Cracked bowl or tank- You might notice a hairline crack on the toilet bowl or the tank and tend to ignore it. But don’t! This crack has every probability of getting more severe, leading to toilet leaks.
  • Loose seal at the toilet base- The seal and other parts with which your toilet is attached to the floor might get worn out or loose. This leads to water pooling around the toilet base.
  • Broken-down flapper- The water in the tank can’t enter the toilet bowl due to the flapper. But if the flapper is worn out, water will start leaking into your bowl constantly.
  • Rusted pipes- The pipes leading to your toilet may begin to rust after a long time. Eventually, this might cause a crack in the pipe, as a result of which, the toilet flush pipe connector leaks.

Gas line issues

  • Strong gas odour- The moment you smell something like rotten eggs, check whether all your home gas appliances are turned off. If you can still smell the odour, it means there’s a gas leak. Go out of your house immediately and call a licensed gasfitter.
  • Gas appliance not working properly- Sometimes, your gas appliance might be operating at a much lower output than it normally does. This means that the fuel supply has been cut off due to a blockage or leak in your gas line. Turn off the appliance immediately and have a licensed gasfitter examine it.

Water heater problems

  • No hot water- If your water heater isn’t working, turn on the pilot light. If it still doesn’t work, it’s time to call in a professional to have a look at it.
  • Colored water- When you notice that the colour of the water is rusty, you’ll know that the water heater has rusted. You may need to replace the anode rod or the water heater itself.
  • Water heater leaking- The most common problem with water heaters is that they might leak. The leak may be due to rust/corrosion, a broken drain valve, or too much pressure buildup in the tank.
  • Not enough hot water- You’re merrily using hot water, when suddenly, it runs out. What can be more frustrating than that? This may happen due to your water heater being too small, or improper functioning of the thermostat. In either case, you need to repair or replace your hot water heater.

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