Most people in Albury and Wodonga still use gas ovens instead of electric ones. Both are harmful for the environment, but a gas oven is cheaper and much easier to maintain than an electric oven.

That being said, natural gas in a gas oven can impose risks to your health and safety. If the oven breaks, or it wasn’t installed properly, there may be a gas leak.

As soon as you suspect that there’s gas leaking from the pipe connected to your oven, contact Albury Plumbers. The professional and licensed gas fitters at Albury Plumbers can protect you from any hazardous risks that gas leaks might impose.

How do I know if my gas oven is working properly?

To help you understand, here are some signs which show that your gas oven is not working properly:-

  • Gas oven doesn’t heat

    When you’re ready to cook on your gas oven, take note whether the oven is heating or not. If it doesn’t, it means that the oven igniter might be failing. You’ll know it is so when the oven igniter is glowing for over 90 seconds without igniting the gas flame. The igniter needs to be replaced then.

  • Rotten egg smell

    You might notice an unpleasant odour like that of rotten eggs coming from your gas oven. If you do, it means that there’s been a gas leak. Open your doors and windows immediately, and call up Albury Plumbers to send over licensed gas fitters.

  • Oven not baking evenly

    At the bottom of your gas oven, there’s a thin, black tube called the heating element. It glows red when it’s working normally. But if it’s blistered in some parts, then the heating element has failed, and should be replaced.

  • Gas burner not lighting up

    If the gas burner in your oven doesn’t light up, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. The burner, its base, the grate, and the burner cap should all be cleaned. If the burner still doesn’t light, there might be a loose connection in the wires connecting the control module to the igniter. If it’s not lighting even then, the igniter needs to be replaced.

  • Oven not heating to the right temperature

    There are so many causes of this issue. It might happen when the oven heating sensor is touching the oven wall. Secondly, the heating sensor may not be working, in which case it should be replaced. Thirdly, the gas igniter may not be functional. If it’s not, you need to have it replaced.

  • Gas oven door not closing

    If your gas oven door won’t close properly, it’s not safe for you to use it. The very first thing that needs to be done is turning off the gas after unplugging the oven. The oven door might not shut due to the hinges, in which case these should be replaced. It might also happen due to broken door springs, which need to be removed and replaced with brand-new ones. If the problem continues, you should have the door sensor replaced.

  • Gas self-clean oven not self-cleaning

    Sometimes, you may notice that the self-cleaning cycle in your gas oven is not working. In that case, you need to replace the oven control board, the door lock motor and switch, the igniter, the thermostat, or the selector switch. It needs to be determined which of these components is affecting the self-cleaning cycle of your gas oven.

If you notice any of these signs, there’s nothing to worry about. We at Albury Plumbers can help you immediately.

Albury Plumbers Gas Oven Services

Here at Albury Plumbers, we:-

  • Install gas ovens
  • Repair gas ovens
  • Replace gas ovens
  • Clean gas ovens
  • Repair gas oven components
  • Replace gas oven components
  • Check gas ovens to see if they’re in a good condition
  • Determine the particular gas oven issues
  • Give you our professional advice regarding gas oven repairs and replacements.


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