Picture this. Your house is a beautiful one, the envy of your neighbours. Everything on your property is properly maintained and well cared for.

Except for the drains.

Most people don’t give much of a thought to the drainage system in their houses. But you need to care for your drains the same way you look after the rest of your home.

Cleaning the drains should be a habit with every residential and commercial property owner. If you don’t do so, your drains might get blocked anytime in the future.

How do you unclog a waste pipe?

Some plumbers would want to use a plumbing snake to do the job. It’s a long, thin steel cable with a coil at its end that plumbers insert into a blocked drain to remove clogs.

Snaking is only a temporary solution to this problem. But you should eliminate the risk of clogs in the future once and for all. For that, Albury Plumbers have the most effective solution_ jet plumbing, or what’s commonly known as hydro jetting.

What does jetting mean in plumbing?

Basically, we at Albury Plumbers use hydro-flush machines of different sizes to send a blast of water into the drains. When we flush the water into the clogged drain at a high pressure, it removes the build-up and the blockages. We unblock a smelly pipe using the same method. This procedure of cleaning out pipes and drains is called hydro jetting or jet plumbing.

Before beginning the jetting process, we create an opening through which all the buildup can be removed from the pipe.

How do you unclog a waste pipe?

  • 1. Unclogs drains and pipes in a flash: Since the water shoots through the blocked sewer lines at a very high pressure, it clears out the buildup fast.
  • 2. Works with all types of pipes: It doesn’t matter what kinds of pipes you have in your house. Hydro jetting will remove the pipe and drain buildup just fine.
  • 3. Cleans even the pipe walls: Jet plumbing not only clears out the pipe itself, but it also cleans the interior walls of the pipe. There might be grease and minerals on the insides of the pipe, but hydro jetting can clean it all up quickly.
  • 4. Removes every blockage: Whether your drain or pipe has tree roots or other dangerous blocks, jet plumbing can clear it all out. Even if there’s silt in a house’s pipes, jet plumbing can remove that. In other words, hydro jetting can clean your pipes and drains to a T.

Can Hydro jetting damage pipes?

A hydro-flush machine packs a powerful force of water to clear out the pipe debris. The pressure with which the water is blasted into the pipes ranges from 35,000 PSI to a strong 60,000 PSI.

This water pressure depends on how dangerous the pipe blockages are. If the debris can be removed easily, a low pressure is used to clean the pipe by hydro jetting. But if it’s really difficult to unclog the drain or pipe with water at low pressure, a higher pressure is used in jet plumbing.

However, if your pipes are fragile or older, they might get damaged due to the powerful water pressure. That’s why Albury Plumbers use hydro jetting with great care.

Our expert team first examines the state of the pipes to determine whether they’re fragile or not. Then we use jet plumbing by tailoring the water pressure to the condition of the pipes.

For example, if the pipes are in a good or normal state, we can flush out the debris using the usual water pressure. But if they’re old, we reduce the water pressure and only then do we use hydro jetting. This prevents damage to the pipes, along with other problems.

Albury Plumbers Jet Plumbing Services

Here at Albury Plumbers, we:-

  • Examine pipes to see whether they’re old or fragile
  • Examine pipes and drains to find out how much debris or clog there is
  • Determine the water pressure for hydro jetting
  • Clean out all kinds of debris from pipes and drains
  • Use special root cutting attachments, if necessary
  • Make an opening for the debris to clear out through
  • Clean pipe walls

Give Us a Call

You might be thinking of unclogging your drains and pipes on your own. But you would have to buy a lot of expensive equipment, and learn how to use the tools properly. That would take up much of your time and money. And if the drains are not cleaned properly by hydro jetting, their condition would only get worse.

So instead of doing it by yourself, call us up anytime, and let our professional team do the thing for you. With our specialised jet plumbing equipment, we at Albury Plumbers can get the grime blasted out of your drains in no time.

Whether you’re in Albury or Wodonga, give us a call for a free quote or a free on-site inspection. We’ll be there to help you right away.

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