How do you know if your Toilet is Leaking?

Here are some symptoms which show your toilet might be leaking:-

  • There’s water around the toilet base

    You might see water collecting around the base of your toilet. If it does, it’s likely your toilet is leaking from the base of the tank. This often happens when the toilet is used a lot or it’s an old model.

  • Sewer gas smell

    If you get sewer smell around your home, it means there’s a leak in the toilet bowl. The vent pipe behind your toilet might also be leaking. When this occurs, you should call Albury Plumbers immediately. Otherwise, the smell of sewer gases like methane can be harmful to your health.

  • Stained floor around the toilet

    You might notice brown, grey or yellow stains around the toilet base, which would mean it’s leaking. Plus, it might’ve been leaking for a long time, leading to water damage.

  • Damp floor around the toilet

    The floor around the toilet may feel damp or spongy. Rippling along with dampness around the toilet base is a sure sign that your toilet is leaking.

  • Toilet flush pipe connector leaks

    If the flush pipe behind the toilet pan leaks, you’ll know that the flush pipe cone has worn out. The cone may also be a faulty one. In that case, the flush pipe or its cone needs to be replaced.

  • Finished floor is coming up

    Take note whether the finished flooring in your bathroom is coming up. If it does, there might be a leak in the toilet seal between the drain line and the toilet horn. These kinds of leaks will rot the floor surfaces eventually.

  • Toilet makes noise after flushing

    After you flush, your toilet might make noise, which would mean that the water’s still running. This might be due to a problem in the tank’s fill valve or a slight disruption in the toilet flush. These, in turn, maybe the results of a leak.

  • Rocking toilet

    If your toilet rocks back and forth, there might be a leak. The leak may be due to the toilet not being mounted tightly enough on the flange.

The last thing you want is a toilet pipe leaking. No one wants to face that, but it might happen any time. And if it goes undetected, it might add an extra amount to your water bill.

Some leaks might not show any signs at all. Others might, but then you may not be able to read those signs and tell whether the toilet is leaking or not.

If you don’t have leaking toilets and pipes repaired immediately, the water might get into the floors and the walls. This would cause damage to the structure of your house, and even lead to molds.

What are the tools needed to fix a leaking toilet?

Of course, when you find your toilet leaking, you might want to do it yourself. For this, you’re going to need several tools, including the following:-

  • A cordless drill
  • Locking pliers
  • A hammer drill
  • Toilet shims
  • A wax ring
  • A hacksaw
  • A pair of water closet bolt sets of 5-16 inches diameter

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It’s all very well if you’ve decided to fix your leaking toilet yourself. But consider the unnecessary costs and the time you would need to invest in doing this on your own.

That’s why Albury Plumbers are at your service.

Albury Plumbers Toilet Fixing Services

Here at Albury Plumbers, we can help you to:-

  • Install toilets
  • Repair and replace toilet fill valve
  • Repair and replace toilet seal
  • Unclog toilets
  • Repair and replace leaking toilets
  • Repair and replace leaking toilet pipes
  • Fix leaky toilet bowls
  • Fix leaking toilet wax rings
  • Fix leaking toilet tanks

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